Hemodynamic and Endocrine Changes Associated with Splenic Reserve Mobilizationby K McKeever, R Lehnhard, K Hinchcliff

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Scientific Abstracts

International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology 2014

Volume 46 • Supplement 46 • June 2014 1 Foreword and Acknowledgements

APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY: NEW TECHNOLOGY IN EQUINE EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY 2 Evaluation of masks for field testing of exercising horses

R. SIDES, W. BAYLY, R. KIRKPATRICK, E. RENNER, K. GOUGH, L. KATZ AND D. EVANS 2 Altered mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation capacity in horses suffering from polysaccharide storage myopathy


APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY: DRUGS IN EQUESTRIAN SPORT AND EXERCISE 2 Modification of the metabolomic profile induced by chronic growth hormone administration in a doping model

E. BARREY, M. TRIBA, F. MESSIER AND L. LE MOYEC 3 Pre-race administration of furosemide induces a linear dose-dependent increase in plasma total CO2 concentration in thoroughbred racehorses

A. DEMAREE, L. COUETIL AND P. CONSTABLE 3 Efficacy of intravenous dexamethasone versus placebo in experimental foot lameness in horses

C. FOREMAN, J. FOREMAN AND B. BERGSTROM 3 Efficacy of phenylbutazone versus firocoxib in experimental lameness in horses

J. FOREMAN, C. FOREMAN AND B. BERGSTROM 4 Does phenylbutazone administration contribute to gastric permeability and ulceration in horses?

J. KENNY, B. NIELSEN, C. ROBISON, C. LARSON AND H. SCHOTT II 4 Furosemide administration affects mineral excretion in exercised thoroughbreds

J. PAGAN, B. WALDRIDGE, C. WHITEHOUSE, S. FUCHS AND M. GOFF 4 Effects of preloading with NaCl, KCl, NaHCO3, or KHCO3 on plasma electrolyte concentrations and run time during a high intensity exercise test: a pilot study


APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY: TRAINING 4 Effect of acute exercise and aerobic conditioning on the faecal pH of horses

M. M. L. ALMEIDA, A. QUEIROZ-NETO, M. COSTA, G. C. FERRAZ AND M. E. G. LEMOS 5 Preliminary assessment of dressage asymmetry within sitting trot and shoulder-in

J. BAXTER, S. HOBBS AND A. CHOHAN 5 Effect on VLa4 of reduced exercise periods during conditioning of horses

F. BOFFI, A. LINDNER, M. MURIEL, V. BOTTA AND R. LOPEZ 5 Does swim training improve athletic performance of mangalarga marchador horses?

C. COELHO, B. DRUMOND, G. SILVA, V. FARDIN AND C. R. GIUBERTI 6 Comparison of cumulative effects of four days of alternate or continuous training on expression of selected mitochondrial genes in rat skeletal muscle

A. DAVIE, M. YAO, Y. WANG, L. HUANG AND S. ZHOU 6 The innate immune response in the airways and in blood is altered by training in horses

L. FRELLSTEDT, I. WALDSCHMIDT, M. DUPUIS-TRICAUD, P. LEKEUX AND T. ART 6 A questionnaire on training of the icelandic pace horse

A. JANSSON, U. HEDENSTRÖM AND S. RAGNARSSON 7 Heart rate recovery time in exercise testing of endurance horses

M. F. MADSEN, J. K. KANTERS AND R. BUHL 7 Field survey on fetlock problems in young horses

K. MORGAN, A. KANSTRUP AND M. RUNDGREN 7 Effects of different exercise intensities during detraining on aerobic capacity in thoroughbred horses

K. MUKAI, A. HIRAGA, T. TAKAHASHI, H. OHMURA AND J. H. JONES 8 Training of horses used for show jumping and its effect on VLa4

R. MUNK, L. HEDEGAARD, S. MÖLLER AND A. LINDNER 8 Young friesian horses show familial aggregation in fitness response to a 7-week performance test

C. MUNSTERS, J. VAN DEN BROEK, R. VAN WEEREN AND M. SLOET VAN OLDRUITENBORGH-OOSTERBAAN 8 Subjective evaluation of muscle conformation in horses subjected to pace training or not

S. RAGNARSSON AND A. JANSSON 8 Training protocol for marcha test in mangalarga marchador horses

A. C. REZENDE, R. P. ABRANTES, M. M. MELO, J. M. SANTIAGO AND P. TRIGO 9 Effects of amount of intensive training on VLa4 in 3-year old standardbred horses

S. RINGMARK, U. HEDENSTRÖM, A. LINDHOLM AND A. JANSSON 9 The relationship between blood lactate, serum muscle enzymes, jumping performance and muscle soreness in show-jumping horses

C. ROBERTS, P. HARRIS, R. MURRAY, R. CNOCKAERT AND C. ROBERTS 9 Effect of conditioning horses with runs of 100 meters at near maximal speed alone or in combination with low intensity exercise

R. SIGNORINI, N. DI LASCIO, L. BRERO, J. GENOLET AND A. LINDNER 10 Predictive value of fitness tests and reasons for withdrawal in horses/ponies selected for the european eventing championship 2010–2011

M. SLOET VAN OLDRUITENBORGH-OOSTERBAAN, J. VAN DEN BROEK, E. WELLING, R. VAN WEEREN AND C. MUNSTERS 10 Effects of age and exercise training on oxidation of skeletal muscle and blood in mature and yearling horses

D. SMARSH AND C. WILLIAMS 10 Quantifying warm-up in showjumping horses over 3 consecutive days


APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY: OTHER TOPICS 11 Fatalities associated with american endurance ride conference sanctioned endurance rides (2002–2013)

O. BALCH, G. HABING AND H. SCHOTT II 11 Timing of blood sampling for poor performance diagnosis in standardbred horses after racing

A. BOS, A. LINDNER, E. COMPAGNIE, E. DE BRABANDER AND L. KRANENBURG 11 Innate variability in voluntary drinking in arabian horses during endurance exercise

P. BUTUDOM, H. SPOONER, K. DUESTERDIEK-ZELLMER, P. HARRIS AND H. SCHOTT II 12 The impact of playing strategies on recovery in low-goal polo-ponies

A. FIANDER AND J. WILLIAMS 12 Quantification of energy expenditure in field conditions: comparison of direct vo2 versus vo2 estimation from heart rate measurements

J. FORTIER, A. GOACHET, G. DELEY AND V. JULLIAND 12 Effect of showers and blankets after exercise on heat dissipation in swedish standardbred trotters

E. HARTMANN, M. CONNYSSON AND K. DAHLBORN 13 Influence of exercise in the occurrence of gastric ulcers in horses

G. RIBEIRO, L. C. L. C. SILVA, C. B. BELLI, M. MIRIAN AND W. R. FERNANDES 13 Standardized exercise test in young endurance horses

C. ROBERT, M. YOUNES, B. BORGETTO AND E. BARREY 13 Changes in abdominal circumference during endurance exercise: a pilot study

H. SPOONER, H. SCHOTT II, B. NIELSEN, C. O’CONNOR-ROBISON AND P. HARRIS 14 Relationship between judges’ comments on pace and horses’ plasma lactate concentration in an official breed evaluation field test in icelandic horses